Activator instruments

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Activator instruments

The Activator instruments - Activator Method Chiropractic Technique is a gentle, low-force approach to chiropractic care. The technique has been used safely on patients of all ages since the late 1960s, bringing relief to people with a variety of health concerns.


What is the Activator instruments - Activator Method Chiropractic Technique?

The Activator instruments Adjusting Instrument is the tool more doctors choose to deliver low-force chiropractic adjustments. This unique hand-held Activator instruments has been studied extensively with results published in hundreds of peer-reviewed research papers, and was designed to give patients a specific and gentle adjustment.


The Activator instruments is a small handheld spring-loaded instrument which delivers a small impulse to the spine. It was found to give off no more than 0.3 J of kinetic energy in a 3-millisecond pulse. The aim is to produce enough force to move the vertebrae but not enough to cause injury.


A chiropractic activator is a tool used by chiropractors. It is a small hand-held instrument used to realign bones. Activator instruments were designed to be an alternative method to the manual techniques chiropractors employ to manipulate the spine.


The Activator provides a controlled, fast thrust that is comfortable for the patient. In fact, adjustments
with the Activator are so quick and measured, the body’s muscles are less likely to resist, allowing
for a more precise and accurate adjustment.


Incorporating the latest advances in orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examinations, this unique system of administering spinal adjustments using research-based analysis and the Activator instruments Instrument can help restore spinal balance safely and comfortably.

Because of its effectiveness and gentle nature, the Activator instruments has grown to become the world’s most widely-used instrument chiropractic technique.


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The Activator instruments

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